Served with miso and yuzu hollandaise, poached eggs, herbs, hash

Grilled salmon $26,
Bacon $24,
Fried chicken $26,
White fish $26,
Veggie $24

Eggs your way  $13
Poached, scrambled, fried, Vic's toast

Breakfast taco's $22
Bacon, eggs, baked beans, salsa, avocado

Harissa eggs $20
Bacon, potato hash, spinach



Mr Simple $13
On Vic’s toast, lemon, salt, sliced avocado

Cos tacos $22
Almond hummus, mushrooms, avocado, tomato salsa

Honest Benedict $22
Fried tomato, asparagus, tofu, hazelnut, spinach

White sweet $19
Coconut rice, lychee, banana, puffed grains, snow

White savoury $19
New potato, almond, pickled turnip, mustard aioli

Red delight $22
Summer fruit, sorbet, goji and oats, coconut yoghurt

Yellow delicious $18
Mango, melon, chia bircher, passion, mango sorbet

Orange all night $22
Carrots, harissa, quinoa, nuts, kumara

Caramelized cauliflower $21
Bulgar wheat, balsamic onion, salted cashew nuts, golden raisins, Vincotto

Green all day $20
Summer greens, green tofu, tacos, avocado







Mr Simple  $13
On Vic's toast, lemon, salt, sliced avocado

Breakfast avocado salad $22
Organic potato, poached egg, spinach, feta

Salmon  $26
Feta, cured salmon, salsa, seeds, toast

Loaded chicken avocado $28
Fried chicken, smashed avocado, salsa, aioli



Available from 12 noon

Lamb salad, feta, tomato, olive, greens, cucumber, strawberry $26

Tomato seafood bowl, feta, almonds, herbs $26

Town Tonic fried chicken, pickles, harissa, yoghurt $26

Prawn, chilli, tomato spaghetti, mints, herbs, parmesan $26