Banoffee  $16
Nutella, banana, toffee

The classic  $10
Marmite and grilled cheese

Golden boy $16
Ricotta, mulled wine fruit, crumble

Cheesy  $18
Great cheeses from the region, onion jam, cured meat

Vegan $16
Mushrooms, spinach, peanut baked tempeh



Served with sriracha and lemon hollandaise, poached eggs, herbs, winter hash.

Salmon $26,
Bacon $24,
Fried chicken $26,
White fish $26,
Veggie $24

Eggs your way  $12
Poached, scrambled, fried, Vic's toast

Breakfast taco's $22
Bacon, eggs, baked beans, salsa, avocado

Hot croque madame $18
Hot sopressa, local cheese, fried egg, tomato chilli jam

Pork meatballs $22
Ricotta, pinenut, fennel salad

Full eggy $28
Mexican beans, bacon, tomato, chorizo sausages, eggs, hash 



Huevos Rancheros $19
Baked beans, veg, tofu scramble, avocado, salsa

Mr Fungi $22
Mushrooms, winter hash, lemon spinach, cashew cream

Jack $20
BBQ Jackfruit tacos, marinated tempeh, red cabbage, avocado

Quinoa porridge $18
Coconut textures, black rice, banana, goji

Avocado $20
Salsa, seeds, nuts, toast, veg, apple

Winter hash $22
Roasted veg, avocado, pickled veg, nuts

Breakfast arancini $19
Mushrooms, cashew cream, herbs

Soup $18
Parsnip and Jerusalem artichoke soup, pinenuts, salsa verde







Mr Simple  $13
On Vic's toast, lemon, salt, sliced avocado

TT Next level  $24
Egg, bacon, tomato salsa, toast, seeds

Salmon  $26
Feta, cured salmon, salsa, seeds, toast

Mexican $22
Charred corn, tomato, fried egg, mango, corn taco, chilli

Loaded chicken  $28
Fried chicken, smashed avocado, salsa, aioli



Available from 12 noon

GTT caesar $24
Chicken croquettes, anchovy, coppa, parmesan, aioli, cos

Banh mi roll $19
Fried chicken, pickles, pate, herbs, mango

Chicken pate $20
Red wine prunes, toast, almonds, chicken crackers

Seafood moolie $32
Seafood selection, coconut, chilli, turmeric, curry leaves

Cheese & meat platter $28.5
Kaikoura & Barry's Bay cheese, Italian cured meat, olives, onion dip, toast.



Chocolate prune brownie, mulled winter fruits, chocolate orange sorbet (v)

Gingerbread sticky toffee pudding, toffee sauce, almond sorbet (v)

Blackberry, apple cinnamon cake, granny smith sorbet, coconut yoghurt (v)

Warm cheese sandwich with maple, walnut, hay ice cream

Robert's Bay leaf panna cotta, rhubarb parfait, shortbread, poached rhubarb.