TT next level  $23
Egg, bacon, tomato salsa, toast, seeds

Salmon  $25
Feta, cured salmon, salsa, seeds, toast

Mexican $23

Charred corn, tomato, fried egg, mango, corn taco, chilli

Colombian  $23
Scrambled eggs, salsa, toast, pickled carrot




Coconut rice  $18
Mango and banana, organe syrup

PBJ  $25
Brioche toast, nut butter, jam, banana, berries, ice cream




Brioche slab  $4

Bacon $6
Chorizo sausage $6
Cured salmon $7
Nut butter $3
Banana $3
Jam $3
Soft chocolate $4
Avocado half $5
Baked beans $5
Egg $3


Available from 12 noon

Arancini balls $18

Aioli, spring vege, add salmon $24

Banh Mi roll $18
Choose fried chicken, vegetarian, tempura fish, meat

Town Tonic fried chicken $20
Chilli lemon yoghurt

Chicken parfait $19
Red wine prunes, toast, almonds, seeds

Seafood bowl $25
Rich tomato sauce, pickled fennel, almonds, feta

House cut agria potato chips $5/9




Eggs your way  $12
Poached, scrambled, fried, toast

Breakfast taco's  $20
Bacon, eggs, baked beans, salsa, avocado

Halloumi  $24
Greens, quinoa and rice, fried egg, nuts, lemon, avocado

Mince on toast  $24
Lamb meatballs, tomato sauce, almonds, fried eggs, toast

Mushrooms  $24
Poached eggs, hash, feta, rocket

Full Eggy  $26
Beans, bacon, fresh tomato, rocket, sausage, eggs, toast, hash



Two spring onion potato cakes, sriracha and and lemon hollandaise, poached eggs, coriander

Grilled ora king salmon  $27

Bacon$ 24

Pork tonkatsu $27

Fried chicken $26

Loaded breakfast bennie $32



Huevos Rancheros $19
Baked beans, veg, tofu scramble, avocado, salsa

Breakfast curry $22
Organic veg, corn taco, nuts, herbs, tofu

Quinoa porridge $18
Coconut textures, black rice, banana, goji

Avocado $20
Salsa, seeds, nuts, toast, veg, apple

Mexican beans $18
Toast, scrambled tofu, coriander, broccoli

Hash $22
Greens, avocado, pickled carrot, dukah, vegan aioli

Chia Bircher $18
Oats, chia, apple, coconut, berries, macadamia