Tofu is taking our new menu by storm

All things tofu.

The demand for high quality, delicious vegan food is higher than ever and with it comes the search for versatile vegan ingredients that have the ability to excite and satisfy vegan and non-vegan diners alike. Luckily for chefs everywhere, Tofu fits the bill.

So, what is tofu? Tofu (also widely known as bean curd), is essentially coagulated soy milk that is pressed into soft white blocks. Tofu has long been an inevitable part of the diets of most vegans, but given its new stardom, non-vegans are dining out on tofu based dishes more and more frequently.

The benefits of tofu are vast. It’s low in calories but high in protein, iron and contains all nine amino acids, so as well as being a filling addition to dishes both sweet and savoury, it also delivers health benefits that are tricky to find in other meat substitutes. The soya proteins from which the tofu is derived is thought to even help lower levels of cholesterol. Many females even choose to increase their intake of soya rich foods including tofu as they enter the menopause in attempt to retain normal oestrogen levels.

With unlimited marinating options and the choices of soft, firm, or extra firm, you’d be pushed to find a dish that wouldn’t suit the addition of this wonder food. Whilst cooking tofu to its full potential often proves difficult,a range of dishes on our new menu are based on this incredible bean curd, so why not pop in and try it for yourself?