The crumpet comeback!

They were a staple of our childhood diets and even as we grow older, we still can’t resist crumpets for breakfast. At Town Tonic, we’ve souped up our crumpet menu with a range of toppings both sweet and savoury, modern and traditional. We did a little research into the history of this versatile breakfast favourite...

Crumpets are an Anglo-saxon invention, first being referenced by the famous theologian John Wycliffe and they’ve been offering comfort like no other food type, ever since.

Early crumpets were actually flat, only vaguely round and often referred to as ‘crompid cakes’. During the Victorian Era, bakers began to add yeast to initial recipe, which created the raised, bubbly crumpets that we know and love today. Due to this new element, bakers at the time introduced the circular mould in order to contain the yeast-raising in a more uniformed manner.

The trusty circular mould is still used to this day! It allows the bottom to cook evenly whilst the yeast bubbles up… creating that recognisable and much loved holey pattern that is unique to the crumpet.

This holey pattern allows for the spreading and absorption of our favourite toppings, many of which you can find on our exciting new menu, dedicated to the almighty crumpet.