Introducing Old Road Estate: The family growers that we get our delightful figs from.

Nestled in a slice of paradise, Old Road Estate is a family owned fig farm based in sunny Marlborough. From humble beginnings, the farm began with only two fig trees that were bought back from the middle east by previous owners. Ten years later, the Morgan family have over seven hundred and fifty fig trees flourishing on their farm!


Their old fashioned approach means that every single fig is hand picked into small buckets and then transported back to the pack shed in one of their Grandads wooden carts. It’s all hands on deck during the fig season and every member of the Morgan family pitches in, leaving no stone unturned. Being a small and cosy team means that they can produce the highest quality of fruit, paying close attention to the details, nothing is packed or sent to customers that the family wouldn’t eat for themselves.

Town Tonic have been using Old Road Estate figs since they first opened. Chef Jamie Bennett loves to create unique and inspiring meals with the delectable fruit, ensuring that customers enjoy the full flavours that the lush, sweet, juicy figs have to offer.

The rest of their figs are picked according to their customers requirements, whether they are serving the fruit fresh, cooking with it or preserving it in something delicious. The fruit travels to folk all around the south island and lower north island to their new homes in either restaurants or fruit stores. Lucky Marlborough locals can buy their supply of figs directly from the Morgans farm gates on Old Renwick Road.

So, next time you enjoy a meal from Town Tonic made with heavenly figs, know that they were produced with love from three generations of the Morgan family at Old Road Estate!

Old Road Estate’s favourite fig recipe
Fresh figs topped with blue cheese or goats cheese and wrapped in Prosciutto:


Drizzle over a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar and you have yourself the MOST delicious lunch or starter. Or for vegetarians, simply fresh figs topped with goats cheese and toasted walnuts.


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