Find out why The Wairiri Water Buffalo philosophy speaks volumes to us.

The Town Tonic chefs love using products from Wairiri Water Buffalo to create exciting dishes that we know you’ll love. With so much versatility, the cheeses and yogurts can be used across our menu from buffalo starters to ricotta based desserts.

The Wairiri Water Buffalo philosophy speaks volumes to us. This totally organic company commits to living in harmony with the land by caring for and nurturing there 100 acre farm. Their dedicated team are constantly striving for sustainability, vocalising that their goal is nothing less than to be considered a global example of the most sustainable agriculture.

The buffalo are able to graze freely with a herd that will never be pushed to exceed what the land can support. Wairiri Water Buffalo opts for high quality living rather than being quantity driven, and we certainly think it pays off.

Buffalo milk lends itself perfectly to stretched curd or ‘Pasta Filata’, so producing the most delectable Italian style cheeses including mozzarella, scamorza and ricotta, comes naturally. Their crowd pleasing yoghurt provides a much creamier alternative to cow’s milk yoghurt.

The gentle buffalo, that arrived from Melbourne in 2018 are healthy and happy. Each one is known fondly, by name. Daria, Lila, Mila, Rubina, Terra, Steph and Daisy are all at home on their beautifully peaceful farm.

You really can taste the difference in quality in comparison to other buffalo products, which is why we’re over the moon to be working with Wairiri Water Buffalo. We’re totally confident that you’ll enjoy eating the Wairiri Water Buffalo dishes as much as we enjoy creating them.